Best Property Management

Nelson, New Zealand

Best Property Management is an independent property management business owned and operated by Jo White. Jo has over twenty years experience in property management in Nelson and is committed to providing a professional, personal service to both landlords and tenants.

Best Property Management is a member of the IPMA (Independent Property Managersí Association), and adheres fully to the high standard of professionalism and integrity expected of that organisation.

As well as providing quality day to day service, Best Property Management also keeps up to date with all aspects of property management and the property rental market, in order to best advise landlords on current trends.

Best Property Management is 100% owner-operated by Jo White. Please call or email Jo if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss the management of your property.

Phone 03 5488891
Fax 03 5488391
PO Box 436, Nelson, New Zealand